The rooms under the classification get booked in the sequential order of their room names under the classification while the booking is placed from Airbnb.  For e.g. there are three rooms under the classification Tomahawk namely: Tomahawk Room - 1, Tomahawk Room – 2, and Tomahawk Room – 3. Then the booking will follow the same flow as their name i.e. Tomahawk Room – 1 gets filled first followed by Tomahawk Room – 2 and later Tomahawk Room – 3. 


Also, if the user books a room under the listed classification for the date 18th – 20th May and we have Tomahawk Room – 1 room booked for 15th – 19th May while Tomahawk Room – 2 is booked for 20th-22nd May, then the newly booked bookings will fall in Tomahawk Room – 3 for the date 18th-20th May and no break room bookings getting divided between Tomahawk Room – 1 and Tomahawk Room – 2.