"Temporary bookings" are bookings that have not been directly saved into your ResBook calendar. They occur when there is interference during the credit card verification process whilst guest(s) makes a booking.

ResBook will be able to capture these booking entries and record under Bookings > Temporary List. 

Instances of temporary instant bookings made by the guest(s) are rare and occur due to multiple reasons such as:

  • A bad connection
  • Time-out errors
  • A breakdown in system communication between DPS payment gateway and ResBook such as:
    • if the credit card details entered is incorrect.
    • if the card was not a valid card type.
    • if the credit card transaction has yet to be approved by their bank.
    • the customer's credit card issuing merchant bank had not immediately approved the credit card transaction and this has caused a delay in the booking being confirmed in ResBook.

These bookings, unfortunately, do not get saved in ResBook.

In the likelihood of receiving a temporary booking, then:

  • Check your DPS account and see if a payment has been processed,
  • Contact the customer for further information if required,
  • Update the booking to the correct status accordingly in ResBook.

To update the booking, cancel the booking and [SAVE] it:

Then re-accept the canceled booking by selecting the same dropdown box and click 'New Request' and [SAVE] the booking.