As credit cards cannot be transmitted between different IT systems, here are instructions on retrieving credit card details for all bookings from ResOnline.

  1. Login to ResOnline.

  2. Click on Reports > Bookings List.

  3. If the booking was received less than 7 days prior, click on “Run report” to generate the list of bookings and proceed as detailed on (5).

  4. Alternatively, put in the correct dates. You only need one pair of dates in-order to view your booking or clear all dates.

  5. Click “Run report”.

  6. Once the list is generated, click on the “Booking Ref” (blue number).

  7. Go to Secure Details and “Click to display”.

  8. Input Password. Your ResOnline password is the one you use to log into your account.

The three digit security (CCV) code will be wrapped in a password protected pdf file and emailed to you directly from ResOnline. Your ResOnline Property Id is the password required to open the pdf file.

Notes: sometimes doesn’t transfer credit card details to Resonline properly, therefore sometimes you can only view it once. For security reasons ResOnline purges the credit card details from their system 7 days after the departure date of that booking.

We recommend writing down the credit details straight after you’ve received the booking.

For a video demonstration, please click on this link: