It is preferable for ResBook to be accessed on a desktop or laptop as the bookings management system performs its best on a PC. 

However, if you are travelling and require access to ResBook on a tablet, the only limitation is that the hovering functionality is not mobile-friendly.

Therefore, items in the drop-down are not accessible in the blue menu bar:

  • Unable to make Quotes

  • Unable to view Bookings or Reports

  • Unable to Close Rooms

  • Unable to view Invoices and Settings

And you would not be able to view the Booking Summary:

You can continue to enter a booking into ResBook by selecting the empty squares, and still take payments online.

As for accessing ResBook on a phone, we have developed a simple functionality to add a booking to the calendar. Since ResBook is a software that is very intricate, we do not encourage phone usage as it would be near impossible to manage.