The Quotes module has a search functionality to track all generated quotes:

  • All created quotes will be found under 'Pending Quotes'.
  • All quotes confirmed by the guest of the user will be found under 'Confirmed Quotes'.
  • Quotes that have been cancelled by the user are recorded under 'Cancelled Quotes'. Guests cannot cancel quotes.
  • Quotes that were made in error and deleted will be recorded under 'Deleted  Quotes'.

To search for a particular quote, we'll use the 'Pending Quote' example. This feature is the same for the other categories.

Displaying Quotes

First, ResBook will filter out all the quotes within the search parameters when you enter the dates and click on [DISPLAY]:

The list displays as follows:

Click on the Quote ID to get to the quotes screen. If you need to cancel or delete the quote, the actions on the right side of the column permits you to.

Searching Quotes

Using the filter on the right side, you can filter your search results with the following:

All results will be found in the drop down:

Select your search result to get to the quote.