The House Keeping module lets users generate housekeeping jobs and run daily rosters through their ResBook account with ease. The module simplifies the tracking and maintenance of these tasks.

The House Keeping settings and menu is located in the top blue menu bar; hover over House Keeping:

Step 1: Creating default cleaning settings

a) Setting an Automatic default

For most accommodation providers who have rooms/properties cleaned on regular days, we encourage you to appoint a default setting in ResBook.

Located in the House Keeping [Cleaning Settings] this field can be set as follows;

These fields need to be updated to correctly assign the automatic cleaning entries;

  1. Supply a number for Days between Clean
  2. If you wish to allocate any override commands for the mid-stay cleaning, this field needs to be set as appropriate.
  3. Add cleaning entries in automatically as soon as a booking is entered into ResBook.
  4. Adding Multiple cleans on the same day, i.e: if you wish to allow a changeover/mid-stay clean to be assigned on the same day, then this should be selected as "Yes" but if you only require automated entries made for one cleaning entry have this field selected as "No".

 b) Manually updating cleaning entries:

Should you wish to apply cleaning entries for specific time frame MANUALLY, use the function below that appears on the bottom of the same page

  1. Apply a date range for the cleaning entries.
  2. Click "Add" to populate the cleaning entries on to your calendar

The next step is to create the cleaning types and to add cleaners to your ResBook contacts and to assign these cleaners to the inventory units as required.

Read onwards to Step 2: Creating Cleaning Types