A continuation from Step 1: Creating default cleaning setting, add in your Cleaning tasks and types.

Hover over House Keeping module and click on Cleaning > Add.

  • Give your 'Cleaning Name' a title.
  • Assign a 'Cleaning Type' from the dropdown box:

End of StayCleaning to be done shortly after guests check out.
Mid Stay CleanInherits the same characteristics as the automatic default but with the additional ability to charge
Change OverIncludes both New Stay and End of Stay cleaning.
New StayCleaning to be done before guests check-in.

  • State a 'Cleaning Cost' - this is what the property has to pay for a clean; useful for property managers to assign costs to their business.
  • State the "Number of days between clean" – this enables the automated generation of cleaning entries for the selected cleaning type.
  • 'Set as default on the selected cleaning type' – Once set, this clean will be used as a default for a clean type when adding cleans automatically.
  • 'Charge To' – this lets a property manager select either the guest or the owner to be charged for the clean.
  • State a 'Cleaning Fee' (the amount will be charged on the guest’s / owners invoice as applicable). If there is none, enter ‘0’.
  • 'Linen Fee' – If an additional fee is required to be associated for Linen used with this particular clean then it can be added on this field. This will be added to the cleaning fee on the guest invoice or the owner statement.

A completed cleaning type should appear as follows:

Once the cleaning types are created, create the Cleaners in the CRM before proceeding to Step 3: Assigning cleaning to inventory units.