The CRM has been added with the Advanced search function to filter your search results further and get to your contact.

Go to Contacts > Click on 'Advanced Search'.

Select the Contact Type in the drop-down list:

Select filter:

Name: First name, Last name, First and Last name
E-mail: Full e-mail address
Contact numbers: Home, mobile, office and fax numbers
Company name: Company name supplied to the contact
Address: Address line 1, Address line 2, Town, Region, State and Postcode
Country: Drop-down list provided

Add in the search term and click Go:

ResBook will search your database to returns your results in the contacts column.


  1. Advanced search requires all fields to be filled in before performing the search.
  2. The text is space-sensitive. For e.g., if phone numbers or names have been searched with spaces that are not saved in the CRM as such, then search results will return no results.