ResBook defines owners in the context of a property management company (PMC) using ResBook. The properties these companies manage have individual owners.

N.B. This does not mean owner-operators of standalone establishments.

Create a contact and make it an 'owner' under type.

Create a username and password, and assign them the correct inventory. Pay special attention to the rights you give them.


Provide them with the login details and the URL:

When they log in, they will see a trimmed down version of the landing page and will be able to make a booking on empty nights.

Owners will not be able to view any information about other bookings made at their property (in black), as per the above screenshot. When they click on an empty cell, the booking form will open up for them to place a booking. The booking will not be charged to the owner, and it will be saved in ResBook as $0.00.

Depending on the rights you assign, owners can edit or delete their own bookings. Owner logins can be deactivated by the admin at any point.