Each Contact Type plays a unique role when it is recorded in the CRM. Some types can be supplied with a username and password, allowing them to access the ResBook calendar.

We highly recommend assessing your business operations before handing out ResBook logins.

A description of the different Contact Types:

Contact Type



Property managers can add owners as a contact and supply them with a username and password.


Every staff member can be supplied with their own login with a unique username and password.


The customer which is staying at your accommodation.


Agents that the property deals directly with. It also includes all online 3rd party travel agents.


For the Housekeeping module.

Note: Suppliers, Channels and Agencies do not function. Please avoid using these Contact Types.


ResBook defines owners in the context of a property management company who uses ResBook, and the properties they manage have individual owners.


To create an owner, click here.

Staff Member

Steps are outlined here for a Staff member:

  1. Fill in the details of the form and select Staff as the Contact Type.
  2. Fill in the username and password.
  3. Give staff the ability to view the calendar (assign Calendar module).
  4. Give staff the ability to make a booking (assign Bookings module; see right screenshot).
  5. Assign inventory for the Staff to see the stock unit and make a booking.
  6. Once all fields are filled in, click [Create Contact].




  1. At the top of the calendar, select Contacts and click on [+ Contact] button.
  2. Select Agents from Contact Type at the top of the page
  3. Select the company you want the Agent to represent and then select whether of not you want to make the Company the name of the Agent:

         4. Continue filling out the form as per normal to finish creating the Agent.

Note: Agents which are supplied with the username/password should be making the booking via your online website calendar. They will not be able to log into ResBook.


Fill in the First and Last name, and the e-mail address of the cleaner. Select Cleaners as the Contact Type.

Create a Username and Password and assign the Housekeeping module in ResBook (you may select their admin rights).

The inventory will also have to be assigned to them so that the cleaner can view the House Keeping calendar and schedules as assigned.