Step 1:

At the top of the calendar, select Contacts and click on [+ Contact] button: 

Step 2:

The Contact Type allows you to classify your contacts according to the following:

Contact Type



Property managers can add owners as a contact and supply them with a username and password.


Every staff member can be supplied with their own login with a unique username and password.


The customer which is staying at your accommodation. The most common type of Contact used in ResBook is Guests.  


Agents that the property deals directly with. It also includes all online 3rd party travel agents.


For the Housekeeping module. Cleaners will need to be created here before they can be assigned to ResBook.

*Suppliers, Channels are currently not in use.


Step 3:

A guest can be marked as 'Private' or 'Corporate'. 'Corporate' means that this guest is on a business trip whereas 'Private' refers to any guest staying at their own leisure.

If a guest belongs to a Corporation, select the 'Corporate' option and click on the drop-down box. Click on 'Create a new company' to fill in more details.


Step 4:

All fields marked with * are compulsory. Enter the following details to fill up the contact form:

Step 5:

An image of the client can also be uploaded if required. Simply click on [Browse] and locate the image on your computer and double-click to add it.


Step 6:

Once all details of the contact form are complete, click on [Create Contact].

The details will then be saved and displayed: