The Guest Booking Form settings control the way you accept guest bookings from your website.

To access the Guest Booking Form settings go to:

ResBook > Settings > System Settings > Booking Forms > Guest Form


Setting Type Setting Details
Instant Confirmation
If "On" the guest can create a confirmed Booking from your website.

If "Off" then all bookings will come through as a "New Request"

Collect Payment Details
Allows credit card details to be taken.  This should only be active if a Payment Gateway (Payment Express/DPS/PayPal) is linked to ResBook.

Due to new Credit Card security rules, ResBook is not compliant to store credit card details and utilises a payment gateway to achieve this.

Instant confirmation not available within "X" days from arrival dateThis setting will be visible if "Instant Confirmation" is on. This will restrict a guest from creating a Confirmed Booking within the specified number of days before arrival.  The reasoning behind this is to allow you the time to prepare the inventory before the guest arrives. 


Customising the Guest Booking From

You can customise it the Guest Booking Form to your liking. You have several options including Logo and Banner images, Colour selection for backgrounds, text and headings; and choose the Font you want on the booking form.

To Customize the Guest Booking Form go to:

ResBook > Settings > System Settings > Booking Forms > Guest Form > (Click on Customize Booking Form Button) 

NOTE: If you are having issues loading the Customization settings and sample, try refreshing browser page and click on the "Customize Booking Form" button again.  

image 1.1 - Guest Booking Form initial page 1


When the Page loads, you will see a panel with colour and font options, as well as a template of how your form looks. (image 1.1)

  • For options regarding colour selection, you will see a tiny box with the current colour selected in it; as well as a little button with a paint bucket on it. This is your colour selector and you will be able to pick colours by RBG or hex key. Changes you make to the colour will be instantly visible on the template so you can spend time making sure you are happy with your selections before saving settings.
  • On the right-hand side, there is a small selection of fonts available for you to use.

Once you have chosen your fonts, colours and added your pictures; make sure you SAVE CHANGES. Your Guest Booking Form is now ready to be used.

 NOTE: There is a button at the bottom of the sample template that says [Continue To Page 2]. This button DOES NOT WORK. This is just a template for how the Guest Booking Form will look. 


Placing Logo's and Banner Images:

If you want images at the top of your Guest Booking Form, go to the Photo Gallery:  

ResBook > Settings > System Settings > Photo Gallery

From the Photo Gallery, you can upload images in both the 'Logo' and 'Banner' gallery types.